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There are many advantages to using our templates, here are a few


Our templates are designed with responsiveness in mind. These operate well regardless of the screen dimensions.

Easy Customizable 

Customizing our templates is a breeze. Every element is named in a logical manner, all features are build using Bubble responsive engine and minimal code has been added.

Built using leading technology

Our templates are built using, the leading no code tool in the market. These templates are also built using their new Responsive Engine, a cutting edge technology to build websites uisng Bubble.

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We spend hours researching and developing so you can launch faster

A fully features social media platform template you can use to launch your own social media site

We built a social media platform template to help you build your own social media platform without spending hundrends of hours and thousands of dollars

Build a local or global directory with Direxact

If you want to build a website similar to Yelp or Trip Advisor, you must consider Direxact. A fully featured directory template with most of the features you will want to launch your own platform.

An sports league platform template to help you build your own professional site

Regardless of whether you want to build your own platform similar to or, this is a 75% solution to your needs. With game scores pages, players pages, team pages and more, we bring you closer to build your vision.

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