Bubble and MailerLite Integration

Save 12+ hours of development by connecting your Bubble installation to MailerLite using our easy to use and affordable plugin.

Do more with the MailerLite plugin

Connect MailerLite with your favorite apps and automate your workflow effortlessly. This plugin integrates seamlessly with Bubble, giving you more time for what matters most—no code required. Enhance your email marketing, automate tasks, and boost productivity with ease.

Cost: $9 one time fee

Supported Endpoints

List all subscribers

Retrieve all your subscribers.

List all groups

View all subscriber groups.

Delete a group

Remove a subscriber group.

Show all subscribers within a group

See subscribers in a specific group.

Show a specific group based on a name

Find a group by its name.

Add subscribers to a specific group

Place subscribers into a group.

Add subscribers

Add new subscribers.

List all forms

Display all your forms.

Create a group

Make a new subscriber group.

Update a group

Modify an existing group.

Forget a subscriber

Anonymize a subscriber's data.

Fetch total subscriber count

Get the total number of subscribers.

Fetch a subscriber

Retrieve details of a subscriber.

Update a subscriber

Edit subscriber information.

List all automations

Show all automation workflows.

Campaign list

View all your campaigns.

List all segments

Display all subscriber segments.

Get campaign type

Identify the type of a campaign.

Get campaign status

Check the status of a campaign.

Delete a subscriber

Remove a subscriber from your list.

About MailerLite

MailerLite is your go-to email marketing solution. Perfect for no-code developers, it seamlessly integrates with Bubble, letting you effortlessly manage email campaigns, automation, and subscriber lists. Enhance your Bubble projects with powerful email tools without writing a single line of code.

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